Razz Pro Partner Plan

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Priority Service

Priority service and support over requests that come in on as needed basis.

Better Support Options

Unlimited support for troubleshooting software issues or performing recommended updates with current devices. Unlimited support for diagnosing hardware related issues. Unlimited support for troubleshooting network issues with existing devices. Unlimited support with diagnosing network related issues. (see asterisk for exclusions below)


Powerful error detection and lightweight agent

Monitors: backup systems, server software, available disk space, hard drive & SSD errors, laptop batteries, system memory, networks, RAID systems, basic malware detection, system demographics


Automatic software updates for your apps, nearly 200 software update packages, trouble free patching, maintenance based on your schedule or your users’ schedules, backup and purge of cache files, cleaning system caches, scans of commonly infected files, permission repairs, removal of common adware garbage, extended memory testing, extended hard drive & SSD testing, repair of soft issues with drives

IT Asset Management

View passwords you allow us to manage, with granular access controls. Maintain an updated list of all your devices, with associated passwords, contacts, notes and files. Never lose track of renewing services again – track with email reminders, passwords, notes and files. Keep general or item-specific notes and files (procedures, instructions, attachments, purchase receipts)


Quarterly audit for business/Bi-annual audit for home users - this could be done remotely depending upon availability or necessity.


Up to one hour per month of included training. This can be individual or group training. Training will be remote unless there is a necessity for an on-site visit.

Planning for New Devices, Setups and Upgrades

Let us advise you on the upgrades that make the most sense based on your particular environment, workflow and specific device needs.

* Some exclusions apply. Does not include hardware upgrades or additional/new devices. This type of work will be at normal hourly rates. (i.e. a hard drive upgrade, memory install, new WiFi setup, additional/new device and/or migration of data)

* Does not include service to Internet Service Provider, local network only.  From the modem out is responsibility of the Internet Service Provider.

Razz Pro Monitoring Service

We contact you if your backup is not being performed as expected, your hard drive needs more free space, your RAID is failing and more.

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We will contact you if we see your backup is not being performed as expected.

Disk Drives

We can let you know well before your hard drive is completly full and also monitor for certain drive malfunctions.

RAID Systems

We will help you avoid costly downtime due to RAID failures from Apple and SoftRaid by warning you at the earliest signs of trouble.


We can help narrow down the possible cause of slow network performance with alerts for an excessive amount of network errors.


Adds a layer of malware checking to your solution.

Server Software

We can monitor critical information such as availability, utilization, license expirations and proper backup functionality of server software.

And More

We will also have access to helpful information for troubleshooting issues such as machine name, last logged in user, serial number (including warranty status), RAM, model number, OS & firmware versions, processors, uptime, last check-in, and more.

All services offered on as needed basis

Some of these services are included in the Razz Pro Partner Plan


Hardware and Software Troubleshooting

Are you having issues starting an application, receiving error messages or having an application unexpectadly quit? Whether your issue is as simple as changing a preference or more complex like re-installing compenents, we'll find the fastest solution to get things working the way they were meant to. If we find a problem with your computer's hardware we will help you make a logical decision regarding repair versus a new system.

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Data Transfer and Backup

Do you feel confident that your photos, videos, important documents and media libraries are protected by an adequate backup strategy? We can provide you with one, two or three complete backup solutions and test those solutions so you can feel confident your data is protected. Also if you just purchased a new computer, are migrating from another device or upgraded your hard drive through Razz Pro we can help you transfer your data to your new system or drive.

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We can help teach you the software and hardware tricks you want to learn for your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and other devices. Our team has many hours of experience using a variety of devices and different pieces of software. Contact us to see if we can help you learn what it is you really want to learn. Training is something we are extremely passionate about. A lot of times showing someone the correct process or additional information can save them lots of time and money.


Device Setups and Upgrades

Did you recently get a new device and need help with the initial setup or integrating it with your current setup? We can help you make the right decisions from the start and plan out a solution that is perfect for your unique situation. Do you need more memory installed or need a hard drive upgrade? Let us advise you on the upgrades that make the most sense based on your particular computer and what you do with it. Many times an upgrade can save you from having to buy a new computer at a small fraction of the cost of a new machine.

service 2

Strategic Planning

Call us before starting your next big project and we will help you with the deployment, documentation and optimization of the project. It's crucial to properly sketch out a plan and document things clearly when implementing server solutions, complicated network solutions, fail-safe backup solutions and other business critical projects. We can implement a practical solution to not only address current problems, but the problems that could possibly arise in the future.


Networking Analysis, Setup and Optimization

We can help you connect and stay connected. After completing a network analysis we will be able to show you what options you have to increase bandwidth, maximize your uptime and optimize your network. We can setup and teach you how to use practical network services that are available to you based on the devices you own.

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*We offer off hour services upon request

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